Daily Programme

06.30 Skippers and Mates Meeting / Cruise Wakey Wakey!

Skippers and mates get together to plan the days activities and to commit them and any issues to God through prayer.

06.55 Crews Changeover from Sleeping to Day Boats

Assuming that they are actually awake the crew members now transfer from their sleeping boats to their day boats!

07.05 Morning Divisions (Quiet Time)

The crew of each boat share together in a short bible study or quiet time. This is an opportunity to learn more about the bible as well as a help to try and instill us all with the discipline of daily bible study.

07.25 Walk to Breakfast (in Village Hall)

We share our meals together in a local village hall which is about 1.5 miles from the river. This is a great opportunity to chat and socialise with other members of the cruise – and to build up an appetite for Marnie’s porridge!

08.00 Breakfast

A hearty start to the day with porridge (Corn Flakes for those of a delicate constitution), and a cooked breakfast of say bacon, scrambled eggs and beans.

08.45 Prepare Boat for Inspection / Duty Crews to the Galley

Those on duty crew wash the dishes and peel any potatoes for dinner, the lazy skippers sit around and chat or shower and the rest of us race back to boats to prepare for………

09.30 Boat Inspection!

Everybody’s favourite part of the day!!! The inspection does hopefully instill a bit of competition and rivalry between crews, but the serious point is the keep the boats clean and safe. Each of our boats is a very valuable asset, and the crew are encouraged to show care and respect whilst having fun!

10.00 Set Sail

Each day we sail to somewhere different on the northern broads, eating lunch at our destination before returning to our evening mooring. On one day we venture further afield to Horsey Mere where we stay overnight, returning to our mooring the following day.

17.00 Heave To and Moor – End of Sailing for the Day

Back to the mooring and prepare the boat for the night with its awning before embarking on the great…

17.30 Walk to Supper

Pretty much as it says really. More chat about the days events and often frantic preparation by the crews who are due to do logs that evening!

18.00 Supper (in Village Hall) & Logs and Shanties

Another monstrous repast prepared for us by our dedicated and friendy (usually!) shorecrew. After supper we are entertained by the Shanty Master with his old Bitternes tales and by two or three crews who have prepared a log, the likes of which you could scarcley imagine – especially if Mark Webb or Clive Clifford had anything to do with it!

20.00 (Sat, Mon, Wed, Fri) Evening Quarters (in Hall)

Collective worship and a talkly bit led by a small group of the senior leaders, based on our theme for the week.

20.00 (Sun, Tues, Thurs) Walk Back to Boats for 20.15 Cabin Clubs (on Boats)

Small discussion groups in age groups discussing the previous evenings talk or another relevant issue.

22.00 All Crews must be on Sleeping Boats

Possibly share a cup of chocolate and a bit of cake ready for…

22.30 Lights Out

and a good night’s sleep unless you are near somebody who snores, in which case INVEST IN SOME EAR PLUGS!!!